How can I get the Orchestrator server name, or otherwise differentiate between prod and dev?

We have two Orchestrator servers. One is “prod” and one is “dev.” I would like to be able to have the bot know which Orchestrator server the bot is connected to. This will allow me to have logic in the bot so it knows where it’s running.

For example, in the config file we could have settings like URLProd and URLDev for logging into an application, and the bot will automatically use the correct one based on which Orchestrator instance it is connected to.

I came up with a solution:

Create an Asset in Orchestrator named EnvironmentType. In our production Orchestrator system the value is set to “PRODUCTION” and in our development Orchestrator system the value is set to “DEVELOPMENT.” Then inside the bot code it’s a simple matter of grabbing that Asset and checking the value so the bot can know if it’s running in prod or dev.


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