How can I get the excat match in the List of Job NAMES?

Jobnamelist=“Refresh_CT_Inventory_Audit,Seup,BI_MSTR” and JOBName=“Refresh_CT_Inventory” in the jobnamelist i want to look the exact jobname is matching or not? How can i achieve this scenario?Please help…I have used contains but it is giving me wrong output? in This case answer should be false…Bcz We dont have excat jobneme in the jobnamelist

Hi @aparna30

Check out this XAML file

StringContain.xaml (7.8 KB)



HI @aparna30

Can you try this, it returns False

listVar = New List(Of String)({“Refresh_CT_Inventory_Audit,Seup,BI_MSTR”})

outBool = If(listVar.Contains(“Refresh_CT_Inventory”),True,False)

outBool will be False
GetExactMatchFromList.xaml (5.8 KB)