How can I get succeeding strings in an outlook message?

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I want to get SenNo’s succeeding strings in an outlook mail message…
I tried mail.body.Indexof("") and so on, but I can’t get the uploaded character.

Hey Mate,

You can use the matches activity to retrieve your results.

Input will be mail.body
Pattern could be “SenNo\s*:\s*(.*)”

This will return your desired string in Group 1

MyStr = output(0).groups(1).ToString

Hi Alex_Trappett,

It worked succeccful!! Thank you so much!

I have to get a lot of strings like this.
So,If I have another problem, I’ll be back here!!

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qestion2.xlsx (15.3 KB)

It doesn’t work!
I can’t understand Regular expression and IEnumerable!