How can I get queue's transaction item ID

I’m trying you change the priority of the queue item through Orchestrator HTTP Request activity.
The end point for this is “/odata/QueueItems(id)”. Now I need to pass the queue’s transaction item “id” for me to change the priority. I’m stuck at getting the transaction item’s ID. How can I get it?

I found a way to get the ID when get transaction using Transactionitem.itemkey.tostring which doesn’t really cater my situation. I need to change the queue’s priority before the robot got and get it. Is it possible for me to get the ID when inserting into queue itself?

Anyone have any idea on this please? Kindly help.

Apologies if I have misunderstood your question but if you are adding a queue item to orchestrator you set the priority at this stage using add queue item activity. See screenshot.