How can I get project name on Uipath studio in way of Activity or .net

I want to get project name(xaml file name) on Uipath studio.
How can I get one via Uipath activity or .net??


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@tomo007 If you want to drag the xaml files which are present in project panel just click and drag the xaml file into design panel Or If you see in the projects panel there we usually get the bots which we created, to get the respective xaml files you need to keep the files in the folder and paste it in folder which you are working on and click refresh button in projects panel and you will see the xaml files which you put in the folder. Let me know if any thing goes wrong.


Do you want to print xaml file names using activity or .Net, correct me please if I misunderstood you?

Yes. I want to use xaml file name into flowchart on Uipath.
Do you hane any ideas?

Have a look at this thread. It should help.

Rammohan B.

Try this custom activity
GetParent.1.0.5.nupkg (5.3 KB)

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Thanks @tomo007 for making me clear :),

Kindly have a look at below attached picture, that shows you how to get file name from path.


Thanks a lot.
But I want to get running xaml file name.
If I start the aaa.xaml, then I want to get aaa.xaml in way of activity or .net.

Please help me.

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@tomo007, please see the @Rammohan91’s post.

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It’s perfect!! Thank you so much!

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