How can I get next item after break from ForEachRow

Hi guys,

I was trying to build a workflow, but some problems occur.
I use read range to generate a datatable from an excel file, then I use ForEachRow to try to loop the datatable , get each item, and do relevant job.
But you see, after the end of the process, I was trying to back to ForEachRow and get the second item, But it wouldn’t work.
I’ve tried to combine the workflow, but that would be a logical disaster。
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Hi @ripper_Gao

Delete the Break activity and add your conditions within the For Each Row loop. Afterwards, it should work as you’re expecting

Hope it helps!
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thank you sooo much. appreciate your time
I‘ve tried this method, it does work. but I was trying to get a better solution.
cuz some extra work needed to be done further in this workflow.
Maybe use counter or something? but I haven’t achieve that yet.

not sure if i get your problem right, but you can skip current row in for each row loop with the “Continue” activity. So when performing continue activity it will just jump to the next row in table

@schwarzp That’s what i thought in first place, but if you read carefully. Question here is not to break this loop or continue with other items but rather to utilize each item of loop and do manipulation.


Few questions

  1. Why do you want to put manipulation outside loop ?
  2. How will you keep count on which row to work on.

More viable solution:

  1. With in for each invoke another XAML and pass these values as argument.
  2. Or you can use IF Statement which seems appropriate option.
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