How can i get Field value based on search it's name

I have to get input field value based on search it’s key name.

based on “Company” i have to get it’s input field value.
based on “First Name” i have to get it’s input field value.
same as all “Last Name” and “Email”

Please use Anchor Base activity for your need.

Please watch the following video to get an idea about how to use -

Karthik Byggari

I have not youtube access. any other way can you suggest.

Please find the documentation and example (at the end).

This is not working …

Hi, can you search or Anchor from activities panel. You need to define the position of the field to be extracted. In your case it is right. Better you use Recording (Desktop/Basic) to understand how Anchor working.

what you mean by recording? is it UIpath any recording activity or anything else?

Yes, you can use UIPath recording to understand the properties of Anchorbase.