How can I get all external tasks?

So, in order to get all form tasks I can use “Get Form Tasks” from the persistence activities. However, I need to get all EXTERNAL tasks and I can’t find a similar activity that works for external tasks.

If there isn’t such activity, is there another way I can achieve this? Thank you in advance.

Hi you can use below activity to get external tasks and process.


or You can use
Wait For External Task and Resume

Can you explain further? I don’t really understand how I can use those activities for my needs.

I have a document understanding project where the validation happens in Action Center. I want to automatically assign each document to users instead of manually. I was planning on using the Assign Tasks activity for this. However, I need the ids in order to use that activity. Is there a way I can get all external tasks, get all of their ids and finally use the Assign Tasks activity.

The get processes advice is wrong, that is nothing to do with tasks.

When you initially create the task for validation you get a task object as the output, you can use this to set the assignee at that stage, you could also pass this object around to whatever process is doing the assigning if you’ve decoupled those parts.

If you want to grab them entirely separately I think the activity ‘Get Form Tasks’ would get all of them as the classification/validation activities are just making form tasks with a pre-designed interface.

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Thank you, using the task object as the output worked. ‘Get Form Tasks’ didn’t get them however.

I just tested and you are correct. It looks like although they are basically Form Tasks they have been given their own ‘Type’.
I used an API call to inspect one I made myself and it has the following structure.

      "Status": "Unassigned",
      "TaskCatalogName": null,
      "IsCompleted": false,
      "BulkFormLayoutId": null,
      "FormLayoutId": null,
      "Title": "Document Validation",
      "Type": "DocumentValidationTask",
      "Priority": "Medium",
      "AssignedToUserId": null,
      "OrganizationUnitId": 1096839,
      "ExternalTag": null,
      "CreatorJobKey": "e7e92d6e-b098-4df4-9300-aed52a3457e4",
      "WaitJobKey": null,
      "IsDeleted": false,
      "DeleterUserId": null,
      "DeletionTime": null,
      "LastModificationTime": null,
      "LastModifierUserId": null,
      "CreationTime": "2021-09-05T08:04:04.483Z",
      "CreatorUserId": 134328,
      "Id": 537860

Another way to find these types of tasks, which fall outside the scope of the ‘Get Form Tasks’ activity, is to use an API call such as ‘Tasks_Get’ or ‘Tasks_GetTasksAcrossFolders’. I have been able to get the latter to work to get the data I pasted above.
If you use the Orchestrator HTTP Request activity its super easy to wrap this up in a reusable workflow where you can pass a few parameters, call the API and return the tasks from the JSON response. Its abit of work initially but would be a solid solution to getting your tasks back should you need.

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