How can I get a country name from ISO 3166-1 alpha3 country code?

Hello, anyone can help with this?

For example the code of my country Colombia is COL (ISO 3166-1 alpha3), based on that code I need to return the name of my country (Colombia). But i need that it works for any country as input.

e.g here:

You can use and create from CSV a Lookup Dictionary

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Hi @kmilo_de_los_santos,

Also review the modifications from other authors in the link which @ppr posted.

The orginal work has duplicates these authors have improved it

  1. Countries coordinates with longitude and latitude · GitHub

  2. PAISES_ISO_2022-ampliado.csv · main · pasosdeJesus / División Política · GitLab

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Thank you very much @jeevith and @ppr

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