How can I format Word aplication files?

Exist any package for edit text in the Word?

Hi @Mths_Teixeira

Check this

Ashwin S

Hi @AshwinS2,

I had seen this topic before, but I would like to know if exist any package with activities inside UiPath to do this.

Thank’s for your help man!

I don’t think so.
What you could do is convert the word to HTML and use HTML code to format it.
Alternative: use a VBA Script.


Thank’s for your help…
Another question, Do you know how I can run macro in Word?

We got Word package in uipath for this
Did we try with that, Like in design tab in studio click on Manage Packages and search as UiPath.Word in the official tab
Then install it
We got some of the major activities like Read text and Replace Text
Or if we want we can run macros inside the word we can use INVOKE VBScripts activity or use Sequnce of Send Hot Keys Activity that will open the macro Ina word document

Cheers @Mths_Teixeira

Either Invoke VBScript or doing it by sending hotkeys in a word application scope.
You could also run a macro as an argument when opening the application, but i think the other options are better