How can I fix this activity?

I can´t get what is the mistake to fix it

@German_Perey you have comma in string, remove that also

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debug and inspect the variable pesosString and its value

About parsing this type of double formats also have a look here:

Double.Parse(YourValue, NumberStyles.Any, New CultureInfo("es-ES")


Ensure for this following:

And feel free to change to your culture


As you can see you can’t parse a null value, the error means that your above activity (get text) is the problem, check that you are printing an empty value

Please repair your selector and check that you can get the right element and value, then you will be able to perfom the other activities


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Hello @German_Perey ,

You might not getting any value in the persos variable and you are trying to convert a null value to double which can not be done hence you are getting the error.
Before conversion you can check if it has something or not by using below method