How can i fix the table header issue

Hi here I’m posting a sample pdf and excel,
1.From that pdf I extracted data and store it in to one excel, and then I provided regex for table headers and based on that table headers I’m updating to excel, column o1,in sheet1,sheet2 and sheet3.
Samplepdf_`.pdf (59.2 KB)
In sheet 2 table headers are not available so I need to consider subtotal as the header, I provided regex,but while updating to my workflow table header is not updating and while put one message box and checking at that time data available in sheet 0 is coming.
Can anyone please help me to fix this table header issue. also I need to update table name in sheet2 column"o1"
TableName.xlsx (12.6 KB)

Hi, if you want to change a column name you can loop the data table. When it is equal to the column you want with if, you can assign the new name you want with assignment.