How can i find the control type in UIPath



i am using UIPath in visual studio and i am able to get the current focused element but i want to know the Control Type like whether it is TextBox or button etc.,

By using this i am select particular element form the screen and i am get its details in uiNode Object but how can i know the control type.

   WindowState = FormWindowState.Minimized;
   listBox1.Items.Add(new CapturedActivity { UiNode = uiNode, ActivityDetails = uiNode.GetSelector(true) + Environment.NewLine });
   WindowState = FormWindowState.Normal;


You’d need to go through the elements properties (usually check either TAG or CLASS).

As a sidenote - I thought SDK was not available anymore…


if you want to know the control type then move to Properties—>Selector …then you can view the control type, Id, name, etc… So please check it once…
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Yeah in UIPath sutdio iam able to get but iam using UIPath package in c# there how can i determine…???


Call the .Get(string propertyName) method on UiElement object, f.e.:
Note that depending on what property you’re querying you will get a different type in return (most of them are strings, but not all).