How can I filter a DataTable?

Okay, I want to filter a datatable with the Select method, the condition I want to put inside is that it filters values that are >= to my value how do I express that?

Hi @Christopher_Gomez,
Use condition)


You can use like this
table.Select(“Size >= 230 AND Sex = ‘m’”)

Hi @Christopher_Gomez,"amount>=5000").CopyToDataTable()

Refer more in below post
DataTable filtering with expressions

Arivu :slight_smile:

HI @Christopher_Gomez


Thanks, for the help @Naveen_tg, @aman_sheik, @arivu96, @amaresan
I already solve the problem. :smile:
This is the expression I used
Datatable.Select(“NOT [columname]<17500”).CopyToDataTable

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