How can i extract the plan id from below?;jsessionid=gSow8hiABgMBC51Q3stFG000a.a9813?Plan_ID=626205&pop=n9&pag;jsessionid=gSow8hiABgMBC51Q3stFG000a.a9813?Plan_ID=626205&pop=n9&pag

If the text in your example is your string (called MyStr in the case below):

1.) Assign a variable of type System.Text.RegularExpressions.MatchCollection to System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Matches(MyStr, "(?<=Plan_ID=)\d+").

2.) Use a For Each activity with type System.Text.RegularExpression.Match to get each match from the variable you’ve assigned in step 1. If each item is stored in variable Item, then the value will be in Item.Value.

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I M not getting the Output like this can u hv any other way of doing this without using regx?Thnaks

Without regexes:

1.) Create a variable StrArr of type String() [aka a String Array], and assign it to


2.) Add a For Each activity with type String iterating over your new StrArr variable.

3.) In the For Each loop, you can assign your id this way if Item is an item in the array:


hello @Aparnap do you need all of this 626205&pop=n9&pag or how is it like??
what ever comes after plan_ID??
if so you can use this pattern in Matches activity!



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