How can i extract different invoice numbers on an Invoice Consolidation sheet


I have an invoice sheet in excel with a consolidated invoice sheet that has single invoices against multiple purchases made. These invoices i receive on a monthly basis. I also have daily invoices coming in.

I want to get a distinct list from the Monthly consolidated invoice sheet and loop through to check if i have it on my daily invoice sheet. If it is not i want to update inv_daily with the details of the invoice number.


Have a look into this.

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thank you, so i got the distinct list but it didn’t remove the duplicates

Hi @adamssaafiyah

You want to get the distinct list and also remove duplicate invoices? please mention the requirement exactly.

yes please, i apologies. i want to get a distinct list( i did so by using an assign = dt.DefaultView.ToTable(true, “InvoiceNumber”) and now i want to remove the duplicates in that row. i thought that would remove the duplicates

find some starter help here:
FindDupsUniquesFirstFromGroup_By1Col.xaml (8.0 KB)

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