How can i extract data from the unreadable pdfs

Arvee_Computers_Inv_4482_20012021.pdf (50.7 KB) NC_Infotech_Inv_003177_19012021.pdf (44.9 KB) On_Lyne_Inv_0220_01-01-21.pdf (8.6 KB)

how can i extract data from this pdfs and save into the excel file. plz help me


you can try with Read PDF activity and do Regex to extract information

For PDF extraction you can try with Document understanding activities

Also you can try with some other 3rd party OCR which were give an option to train your template and later you can extract the information like Abbyy Flexicapture, Azure forms etc., but these are all paid

Hope this may help you


can u plz do it for me using regex, i can try using regex but i can’t Crete pattern code for the data so plz help me out

required data is Vendor name, invoice number, invoice date, items, quantity, Hsn code, Rate