How can I download or explore UiPath Insights or UiPath Apps?

I want to explore about UiPath flow.
Like Plan - Build - Manage - Run - Engage - Monitor.
I am facing very difficulties in understanding Engage and Monitor.
The reason is I am not able to find any concrete about UiPath Insights or UiPath Apps.?
Do you guys have any idea how to download them because I am not able to find any practical to implement it.

Insights you can only install if you have on prem orchestrator

HI @parth7

Engage - This is where end to end process automation or long running workflows comes into action. When you say end to end automation in a process, there can be occasions where humans need to intervene to perform certain tasks before the bot takes over again like approvals for example. In such scenarios, the data that needs to be approved or that need human intervention can be shown using UiPath forms. These can be assigned to a user to handle through UiPath Tasks which comes as a part of the UiPath Orchestrator. Through Tasks the users can handle the stuff needed, or assign it to a different person to approve.

Monitor - Monitor stage is where you evaluate the automation results… for example, How your business ROI is, how good you are using the queues, the utilization of the robots, etc. This is done through UiPath Insights which comes again as a addon to the Orchestrator which you can use to create dashboards. It also comes in with pre-built four dashboards for business ROI, robots, queues etc.