How can i do UI testing in test suite

I want to test the UI Design testing using uipath how can I do Please anyone tell how can I do the UI test and functionality test.
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Chethan P

You can check the following list:

The following checklist will ensure detailed GUI Testing in Software Testing.

  • Check all the GUI elements for size, position, width, length, and acceptance of characters or numbers. For instance, you must be able to provide inputs to the input fields.
  • Check you can execute the intended functionality of the application using the GUI
  • Check Error Messages are displayed correctly
  • Check for Clear demarcation of different sections on screen
  • Check Font used in an application is readable
  • Check the alignment of the text is proper
  • Check the Color of the font and warning messages is aesthetically pleasing
  • Check that the images have good clarity
  • Check that the images are properly aligned
  • Check the positioning of GUI elements for different screen resolution.

can i get to know how to do that bcz am a fresher in this testing so i need KT