How can i do to let the exel file open when the process finish plz?

how can i do to let the exel file open when the process finish plz ?

Put this activity after your Excel Application Scope. Granted, this re-opens the workbook, but this way the workbook will be open when you finish the process. (17,6 Ko)

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Use StartProcess activity and enter the full file path


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How can i open a excel file after invoke VBA plz ?

Here i used fichier2 but it doesnt work

InvokeVBA is carried out in an Excel Application scope.

Once it completes the file is saved and closed.


Use the StartProcess activity to then open the file


thank you it works :slight_smile:

What i have to put i here ?


Do not put StartProcess inside the excel application scope. Place it as the next step after that.

Then just put the full file path you wish to open in the executable box

it doesnt work my friend, the excel file comes from a datascraping

It doesn’t matter where the excel file comes from. As long as you have provided a valid file path to the StartProcess activity it will open,

Main.xaml (3.9 KB)

i am selecting any file, it comes from datascraping, i don’t know if i am clear ? :slight_smile:

The question is what i have to put in startprocess variable to indicate the file the datascraping just created

In your workflow you scrape the data then write it to an excel file, yes?

Then you run your VBA. Once you move away from that Excel Application Scope to another activity, you have an excel data file with the VBA applied to the data.

Is this what you want to then open?

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So as I said, to open the file once the VBA has run and saved the excel workbook, use StartProcess.

how can i do that plz ?
can you send me a picture ?

I sent you an example workflow of it opening any file you ask it to

with your xaml file, i need to chose a file with the activity selectfile, and its not what i need.

I need to open it automaticaly

if your process can do that, can you send me a picture plz :slight_smile:

Place the full file path to your excel workbook in the executable line here (i.e. in place of where it says strOutputFile below)


the file change everytime i lunch the the process,

i put the same full file path as u wrote and this is the error

Put a KillProcess activity in before the StartProcess activity. Set the ProcessName to “Excel”. Test again.