How can I Displaying Process Organization Folder in log Message

Hi guys,

I’m trying to create log messages that can make it easier for any one in my team to trace issue in case a process does not run accordingly.

I have managed to get all details that I need like date of process run, robot that executed, machine that executed but i can not display folder/organization that the process is running. (e.g Default or Shared).

Please help.

Hi @wilbardmtei!

I dont know any “direct” way to get that info with activites, or .net functionalities, but I can think of a solution using 3 api calls, that would actually work for you:

1- Auth to orchestrator


(Optional) 2- With the bearer token, get a list of folders within that Tenant



3- For each folder, find a list of jobs running (you’re trying to identify your own program name, and “State” = “In Progress” from that list)


When you get a match, you’ll know that you’ve found the correct job, and then by grabbing the "OrganizationUnitFullyQualifiedName" value, you’ll get the folder.

The only step left will be to keep that Folder Name that you were scanning, and log it into a log message.

Edit: You’ll need to filter by “ReleaseName” that will contain the name of your process!

Thank you @ignasi.peiris

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