How can i delete sheet in Excel

Need to delete sheet in excel plz

Check out @balupad14 's Excel activities!


Can’t use it

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Follow the steps mentioned here :

Of course you can use it. You have to resolve your dependency conflicts. Try removing your top level UiPath.Excel.Activities dependency - the BalaRava package probably has a conflicting version of UiPath.Excel.Activities inside it.

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Hi @Soudios,

The BalaReva package doesn’t have a conflict with UiPath.ExcelActivities.

I did the fresh installation of the package.

Is it possible to show the output message while installing the package ?

Thank you

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Hi @Soudios

You can use invoke VBA activity

and write the VBA code for this,

Sub deletesheet()
End sub


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Here :

Hi @Soudios ,

Check your settings in the manage packages like below.


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i don’t have “Go!”

It doesn’t for you, but it might for him if he has different top level versions of those packages.

FYI with Excel Activities as a dependency inside your custom activities package, you don’t even need the top level Excel Activities. Just delete it to avoid conflicts and use the version that’s inside your custom activities package.

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Your Go is named Connect. Same URL.

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Thank you @Soudios. I think the problem solved now…

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@balupad14 Thank you so much !!

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