How can I copy name, email, and phone number from excel into outlook contact WITHOUT ForEach&ReadRange - when the excel file is closed?

I need to build a Flow that will perform an automated process that will add contacts to Outlook, depending on the Excel file attached.
For each contact the process will keep in Outlook the full name, email address and phone number.
The allowing activities are:
(Same as before)- Use Application/Browser, Click,Keyboard Shortcuts, Type Into, Get From Clipboard, If, Assign, Terminate Workflow.
Excel Application Scope, Read Cell, Invoke VBA.

Attention: we need to work with CLOSE excel file (when the excel file is close - I can’t use Keyboard Shortcuts Activity.
So for opening excel file I’m using Excel Application Scope Activity.)

• In addition, search for any of the contacts on (not in the address bar but actually on the site itself). This is a search only and the search results are meaningless.

In the Outlook contact card, in the Job title field, write one of the following options: “Does not exist on Google”, “Google phone is compatible”, “Google phone is not compatible”.

The Flow will select the correct option by comparing the data in column D with the data in column E in the Excel file (as mentioned, no importance should be attached to the result obtained on the Google site).

At the end of the treatment of the contact, the current date and time must be entered in the “Treated B” cell

The solution will be performed through the dedicated commands for working with Excel as explained earlier in the document. The entry into the “Treated B” cell will be performed by the Invoke VBA command, which is actually running a macro code on the Excel file. Note - This command receives three necessary parameters: a path to a text file where the macro code exists, the name of the function The set of parameters can be, for example, a List (Of String) variable.

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Hi @Lior_Shamir

Here is an idea of how you can you read all values considering that you can’t use a read range activity.

As I don’t have Excel installed, I used the read cell workbook activity.

So, you should replace them by the read cell value activity.

Main - Copy (1).xaml (15.7 KB)


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