How can I copy an entire Queue and create a new Queue. Can we do that?

I have a Queue and I need to test the data, but if I use that queue, the transactions will no longer be in New Status. I want to know if we can clone an entire Queue to a new Queue. If not, what other alternatives are easy to do ?

You can rerun the dispatcher, but if that takes too long, there is another alternative I use.

I create a “mini-dispatcher” that reads data from an Excel file and just loads it to the Queue. To get the information from one run of the dispatcher, export the New status results as a CSV, and setup the data from that to be loaded to your mini-dispatcher. Set it up in whatever way makes it easiest to load into the queue.

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Can I directly get the New Status Results and for each of TransctionItems, add Queue Item ? Is the CSV necessary ?

Greetings, well if you make a Queue you need to know that the two Queue are different, because you can create a new Queue, for the same process but you needed to assign it into the “Config” file, or delete the Queue and create a new under the same name, never you can clone a Queue under the same name because you “Orchestrator” not allow duplicate data. For other hand you need to know it’s depend of the case, and the use of this Queue. Let me said an example:

  • When I do the Assignment No.2 Level 3, I needed to reset always the Queue, for doing the transactions, for correct way is delete the Queue, for doing or prove the bot or whatever process into the UiPath Studio, because in this case, I was used the ACME website, for doing some many transaction, when you complete the transactions, either that you bot works or not, the Queue record the info of the all transactions, and you needed delete this info one more time for prove your process or in better words the functionality of my bot but and the different sequences.

However you said that you don’t want, that “New” status into your Queue disappear, well I recommend that you use another Queue but with different name for proving something that you need to be solve.

For this reason if you see so many videos, always the guys into the videos said or doing the configuration of the “Config” file.

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