How can I continue searching in the URL after it hits "404 - File or directory not found" error?

I am using for Each Row in Data Table function to go through a list of records in excel and Open Browser and Type into the URL by populating the Record ID at the end of the URL.

I am faced with an issue where the flow stops when the webpage opens “404 - File or directory not found”. The robot no longer type into the URL even though there are remaining Record ID in the excel sheet.

How can I command the robot to go to the next Record ID even though it hits 404 error?

Hi @Betta_path

In for each row after navigate to the url put an element exists activity (output variablename - boolresult) and check for '404 - File or directory not found”, after that put an if activity and give condition as not boolresult, in the then part of if activity give all yours activities.


Hi @prasath_S thank you for your help… however, i am still new to uipath, what should i put inside the condition? if it’s easier, can show me a screenshot of the activities i should use?


After you navigate to the url,

Use element exists (its output is boolResult) and indicate the 404 error.

and use an if activity and put the condition as below screen shot, in then part put all your processes you want to execute when data appears else do nothing.

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Hi @prasath_S… i’ve tried the above but i couldn’t get the result… the webpage will still stop when it hits the 404 error

@Betta_path element exists and if activity should come after you type the url.


@prasath_S thank u soo much for ur help! i manage to solve my issue

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