How can i compare two tables data in two different databases using storedprocedure ? getting issue while connecting two databases at same time

pls tell me how can i do the comparison of two tables with two diff. databases by using storedprocedure??
i am getting issues while connecting two databses at same time in uipath, how can i achieve that?
can i get the data of tbl1 from db1 in 1 temp datatable or table and tbl2 from db2 in 2temp datatable or table or array etc and then do the comparision??
can any1 give me the demo of this pls?


Personally I wouldn’t want to be connecting to two databases at the same time. Get the data from the first query into a datatable, then set dbConnection to nothing and ideally call dbConnection.dispose() if that method exists. Then run the second query and do the same.

To do the comparison loop through the fields you require. Plenty of examples on the forum.

ok done with the above 1.
Can we export pdf’s data into excel file or csv, cz screenscraping is not helpful in my case for getting the data from it.can u guide me in this?

Hi, I want to check pdf letters and compare different fields of it with the data in database. How can it be done?