How can i click on country name Dynamically with input as country namr from one variable


I should click on one link chich contains country name , based on the country name provide in one varible can i click on the link dynamically??


Make the selector of link dynamic by using aaname value as country name variable.


Could you please explain more that how can i give a variable name in the selector. in EDIT Selector. It is containing plain text

Thank you… It’s wokring…got it

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Sorry . did not get Madhu raj . could you please elaborate more.

You can get an idea from below post

Thank You

Hi everyone,

You can now define your variables for selectors directly in Studio.

Please check our official documentation here:

As well as this short tutorial on our Forum:

I took the liberty to change the solution flag to this post to let our users know about this feature :slight_smile:

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