How can i chose everytime the same picture?

I want to select the picture ''No picture profil" on linkedin, but i can’t find the good selector

No picture

With Chrome this seems to be a good selector

<webctrl tag='IMG' src='' css-selector='body&gt;*img' isleaf='1' class='pv-top-card-section__photo presence-entity__image EntityPhoto-circle-9 lazy-image ghost-person loaded ember-view' id='ember*' parentclass='presence-entity pv-top-card-section__image presence-entity--size-9 ember-view' parentid='ember*' />

You have to play a little with the UiExplorer and two or three profiles. Use repair and try.

Hi @Soudios

Have you tried using the Src tag that includes the image of the no image profile? For example, refer to the selector shown by @Giuseppe_Intini :slight_smile:

by the way, @Giuseppe_Intini, Welcome to the community!!

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which selector did you select ?

I use firefox :slight_smile:

As @Lahiru.Fernando was saying, src (that is source) specifies the source of the object, so it is a good selector. Then, try with the others and play. I didn’t use the ancestors in that case.

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Ok thank you i found the good selector :slight_smile:

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