How can i change the default path in Chrome?

i have this path by default but, i need to chenge this path for another one.


i need to import severals archive from diferents path. I could referenced the path in excel table but when i use the “Type Into” to change for a path variable it’s doesn’t work

i also see that when i use the “Click” catch the same path, i already tried replace for a variable but it’s doesn’t work as well.

anybody could help me?

Thank you

Since you say you can reference each path from an excel file, just pass that value into a selector using variables, each time you will get the path in excel and then assign it into that variable, have a look below.

Thank you for you quicly anwser.

i could read this topic and tried it


Path1 is the variable string that contains the correct path from my Excel table. i tried replace but doesn’t work

let me know if some is wrong here. Thank you.

obs: tried without the “+” and doesn’t too.

You can also right click on the selector “title” and a menu will appear where you can select variables.

Else that thing you did i think works only in the property menù, not in the selector box


like that?


doesn’t work. i just can insert the variable after the “=” The name “Title” i cannot insert.