How can I capture output from result variable in UiPath Screen OCR?

Here is the screenshot of the code

Here is the sample of pdf

We are having issues converting text to datatable because format is not consistent so we try using ocr

Hi @joscares

Delete the variable result that you have created and created a variable in Read PDF with OCR activity and not in UiPath Screen OCR.

Hope it helps


I tried that and output is one liner string which is not what we need. Are there any ways to make it better?

Hi @joscares

If your PDF is an scanned PDF then, use Read PDF with OCR and use Tesseract OCR engine or OmniPage OCR engine(Download UiPath.OmniPage.Activities). If the PDF is not scanned you can use Read PDF text activity and write it to an text file using Write Text File activity.

If possible share the PDF file, I will help you with flow.



Try using form extractor instead…if the format of tables is same like thsi…then that would be the best option

If not then you need to gow ith training a model and using it from ai center


merchant_settlement_LOI_20240421_PNB.pdf (210.8 KB)

Here is the sample pdf and i want to capture the tables in there

Hi @joscares

Try this way:

Sequence15.xaml (6.4 KB)