How can I automate to post monthly journal in the last day in a month

Hi all,

Monthly, I have some transactions to allocate expense, posting date is always in the last day of a month, now I want to automate them, so could you help me to default posting date

Thanks in advance

Hi @HangTruong

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So, you need a way to get the last day of the month which you can add as the posting date right?

Cool, I have just the workflow you need to calculate the last day of the month. In this workflow, I have provided the current day in a variable named “CurrentDay”. You can change it according to test every month :slight_smile: This returns the last day of every month that you add to currentDay variable which is just the one you need…

Check it out…

GetLastDayOfMonth.xaml (5.2 KB)

If this works out for you, please also make sure to mark this answer as the solution too… :slight_smile:

Let know how it goes…


Hi @Lahiru.Fernando

Thanks a lot, I will try it :heart_eyes:

Hi @HangTruong

Let know whether it works for you once you try :slight_smile:

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