How can I automate a master/detail use-case?

I have this scenario which I need to know whether or not it’s possible to automate:

  1. I have a Form with a DataGridView which is displaying data, let’s call it Form1.
  2. When I double-click a particular cell in the grid I’m opening a new form, let’s call it Form2.
  3. Form2 also presents a DataGridView, from where I need to select one or more rows, calculate a value based on the selected rows, and when Form2 is closed I must to pass that calculated value back to Form1.
  4. Once back in Form1, the value passed from Form2 must to be set in the double-clicked cell from Step 2.

Please advise

Sorry, I forgot the context:
A .Net Windows Forms app

Hi @lgarcia

The steps that you just told should be easily achievable, for retaining the form1 value you can use an index variable which should be able to identify the row where you were before opening form2.
It might need some efforts to manage both windows form1 and form2 open if the form 2 open separately and has a same title, else it should be easily done.

Happy Automation! :smiley:

Thanks @adiijaiin. You’re right but now the piece which is really puzzling me is how to capture/automate the selection of one or more rows in the form 2’s gridview (using the mouse).

Hi since it’s a gridview there should be something with respect to a grid formation row column numbers?

Using those attributes you should be able to traverse through

@adiijaiin I think I didn’t explain my use-case the right way.
This is exactly what I need to automate:

Don’t worry, it’s safe to open, it’s just a GIF file hosted in my OneDrive. Can you please take a look ?


SO you need to select multiple rows in there in form , the value would be autopopulating outside, that’s what it looked like in the gif.

While Using Click activity try to change the Framework using F4 key.
And try to click on those 3 dots on your cell, and please check in uiExplorer if you can see some attributes in the top right window section.