How can I AutoFit columns with oficial packages in UiPath?

AutoFit all some columns of some sheets

@ahmadLH … on the activities Menu there is a filter menu…Choose StudioX…as shown below


Then Choose Autofit activity …


This activity needs to inside the “Use excel file” and have to be used as shown below…

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I don’t have AutoFit

@ahmadLH - What UiPath and Excel activity version you are using??

UiPath Studio 2020.4.1 and Excel Activities 2.9.5

@ahmadLH - Under the Manage Package see you have Preview available?


@ahmadLH - If this Route is not working…Then you have to use Send HotKey/Keyboard Shortcuts activities to send the Keyboard shortcuts to excel for Autofit.

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It seems like is gonna work :slight_smile: thanks a lot!

@ahmadLH - Let me know, whether you able to achieve it via keyboard shortcuts?..I just tried and it worked.

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