How can I auto extract email if it is physical user

I need to automatically fetch email of user whoever is using the bot.
Can any one help how to do this.

Thanks in Advance

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Hi @hemasai.06

Can you elaborate your query

And also have a look on the thread



Provide the screenshot or sample workflow.

It’s very simple
You got the answer already

If you are using outlook and have configured outlook as well then simply use GET OUTLOOK MAIL ACTIVITY so that it will fetch the mail automatically whoever the user is

If you are using any other mail service like gmail then we need to pass the credentials atleast to the activity we have in UiPath

Outlook is the only option where it can pick for any user who has logged in

Cheers @hemasai.06

Hi ,
my requirement is different
Here I am trying to sign in to excel using bot, for which I need to enter email id of that user who ever is running bot and provide that in my type into activity


I found this formula but not sure where and how to implement this in my code


I need a clarification on how your mail I’d is built

Say a user named ABC has logged in then is mail I’d of them would be (for example)

What I m trying to ask is whether the mail id is always standard in a way that username is user mail I’d followed by

If that’s the case you can get the username by Environment.Username.ToString+”