How can I assign an array value to a Json object

Hi All,

I have a JSON Object as below


"standardVersion": 1.0,
"documentName": "Test Verison",
"documentCreator": "Anonymous",
"documentCreatedDate": "2018-09-09T08:41:32Z",
"documentNumber": "8204 8026",

"childRefAssetId": [


I need a way to update the childRefAssetId with an array string which I have {“109-TTML”,901-POIU",“897-OIUH”,“988-POPP”}

I am able to update the values of json property as below
vJsonObject.Property(“documentName”).Value = StringVariable(which I have defined)

So basically assigning values to the property can be done but I am struggling to find a way to assign value to childRefAssetId which contains an array of values

Can someone help?