How can I allocate data from one table to another formatted table

i want to ask if it is possible to move all my data that looks like this:

to a datatable that looks like this:

as you can see, my company data is originally in a single row. I want to put everything behind “product” under the column of the new table with the heading “product” (I want to fix the width to 2 columns wide). Same for “Location”
the first row was included because some data has no info after “product”

can anyone please tell me if this is possible via uipath? This seems very complex


can anyone please help :((

is your data originally in an Excel file/Database?

Hi @Ben_siu ,

This input data looks a bit odd. Are you sure if this is the exact format that you would receive ?

Also if you could provide us with the sample input data and it’s expected Outputs in the form of excel files, we might be able to help in deducing the logic and perform the implementation. Although it does look a bit complicated.

Let us know if you have already found a method to solve it and post the solution here.

yes it looks exactly like this, becuase it was originally imported from a messy text file and I opened it using excel csv format.
The text file looks a bit like this:

so you can clearly see that after “product” in comp1 there is clearly missing some output. Its fine, as long as an empty string goes into the output as shown below:

I still couldn’t find a way around this because this task seems very complicated

@Ben_siu ,

As Suggested, Could you provide us with the inputs that we could work on. There seems to be a logic, now that I see it is in the form of a Text file.

We can work on this and let you know if there is a possibility to get the required. Although Not sure if you would really require the Second Column to be merged with two columns as we could also achieve the same by combining the values and appending into 1 column.