How can i adjust the space in selectors?

My selectors are .

the row name value may have space at start and end so i want to use wildcard for unknown spaces in row name.

how can i achieve that?

Hy @Omkar_Deshmukh,

You can just type * manually at the beginning and at the end of the selector. Eg. MySelector=‘MyText

A different approach was to use a variable. Right click on the selector text and convert it to a variable.

Did it worked?!


Let me show you my selector

can you just edit it in right way so that will come to know where i need to put * ACTULLY?

@Omkar_Deshmukh, Try this out.

<webctrl tag='A' aaname= '*Download*' rowName= '{{Rowname}}' />

Hi @SenzoD

My variable is “Rowname” not “Download”, need to know how can i adjust unknown space in rowname selector or i can pass “*” with varibale at both end?

Hy @Omkar_Deshmukh,

if you put * at the beggining and the end of the variable it should work. Could you try that and let us know?

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