How can I add string values in list collection


Here is my scenario.
I have separate method running were generates different string values. Whenever it creates url that is String Value it outs to main method. I want to create list of all string values.
In Add Collection activity in “Item” field I just mention as “out_StringValue” it gets overwrite each time it calls method. Anyway I can resolve without using any extra array or list to store these values.

@adhishc, mind sharing the workflow?



@adhishc, it’s very difficult to help you based on assumption, by looking at this image i can’t really tell what is the problem, but I wrote this simple workflow for you to examine and possibly see where you might be going wrong,

Here I am simply just reading an excel file and then taking each record and adding the collection and then printing each item from the collection. (7.6 KB)


@adhishc if you have initialized your collection variable by assigning to New Collection(Of String) make sure your assign activity is outside the loop.

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Thanks this resolved the issue. I was declaring list in loop.

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