How can i add several information from an application in excel

How can i add several information from an application in excel

That can be done using the ‘write cell’ activity. place your excel spreadsheet scope inside a loop then you can use the write line to specify the column/row then use a incremental variable to move to the next row. similar to whats pictured

I have my excel application in an other state, so i have this but it doesnt work

Hi @Soudios
In write cell activity, in “Cell” field, only a coordinate is expected (so for instance “J2”) and that’s it. In the screenshot we see “J2”+ Compteur.tostring something, would you mind specifying the coordinates you’re writing ? Is if for instance from line 20’s ? Where is declared Compteur ?
Is a specific error thrown ?

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yes but i want to write after J2 the row J3 J4…

No error but it write on cell J20 and that’s all


Hi just put j and not j2 and try again
“J” + compteuer.tostring


it writes 10000 cell but i have only 2 cell available
I put J2 to start from J2 because there is headers

could you share your xaml and sample excel file.

You need to write “J” + (compteur+1).toString and compteur should be initialized in the foreach row, so you should remove the assign (with compteur = compteur +1)

If it has 1000 values, that means that the problem is in ExcelTESTSejour datatable that contains 1000 rows. Is it normal that it has 1000 rows ? Did you want to write only specific rows among the 1000 rows ?

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