How can I activate UiPath Community Edition with PAC proxy



My pc is using PAC script to connect to internet.
When I activating UiPath Community Edition with using community offline license,
and it's failed with this exception.

Activation failed with error: 505
Error description: Exception of type 'UiPath.Licensing.Boon.LicenseUiPathException' was thrown.

Computer: ***
User Name: ***

I have been tryed to write this into uipath.config.

AndAlso wirte my id&pw into an win credential and
add the UIPATH_PROXY_USE_DEFAULT_CREDENTIALS system environment.
But it's not work.

Help me,please!


I don’t kown why but i cannot edit so I wirte here.
What I write into uipath.config is something like “add key=“ScriptAddress” value=”***.pac"".