How can Fix this dynamic selector?

i want to scrape a datatable using data scraping from the web page, that gives dynamic selector, so how can fix this problem.?

First of all, the Data scraping method gives you a DataTable variable as an Output.

I must ask, why do you want to edit the selector? I mean, once you get the data you need from the website, what is the step that comes next? (I don’t get why would you need to edit the selector, so I can’t help you that much unless you provide me more information)

Hi ecarles,
I want to scrape that data whose always change, when every time login.
That data not gives stable selector, so that why i want to make my selector dynamic.

Thanks & Regards
Bagish Ojha

The thing is that you don’t need to change the selector from the data scraping, so don’t worry

@ecarles Is right until that structure of the datatable you are scrapping does not change you do not need to update/edit the selector while scrapping the data. If the data changes dynamically no problem in that

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Use UiExplorer for getting more information about the selector


But I face a problem when I am running my program again, it doesn’t work.

Okay Share your workflow or any specific scenario from where I reproduce what you are facing

This is my workflow
test.xaml (10.5 KB)

And what is the data that you want to scrape? On that website?

that what have i selected in the workflow

I don’t see any images that is why not able to get what you want

i need to make my selector dynamic.

you have to put your dynamic selector inside of a browser attach or it won’t work

I hope you understand.


Hi Pablo,
I’m using DataScraping for scrape data from the web, so its given by itself attach.

@bagishojha maybe you html selector is not valid ?

Ok you are scrapping data of search results, so did you see any pattern in selector every time you search? If it is changing every time as you said

yes, you are saying right. My selector changes every time, sometimes its have emrer20002 and next time emrer19776,… Like this its change every time. If I’m trying to change selector using wildcard its not work.

This Selector seem to be very unstable generally you should not use ID attributes in selectors. Try to use UI Explorer and find some other attribute which can be used without even changing. I am sure this will work


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Okay Thanks @PrankurJoshi, i’m going to try it.

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