How can do to combine RPA and machine learning

I need to know which technology i can use to combine rpa and machine learning


you have multiple options depending on how and what you want to combine

AI Centre provides a platform

Python can be used directly in UiPath using invoke code

Models from AWS and Azure can also be used using different activities

There can be more as well depending on how you want to use it


Go through this. You might find interesting.

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few use cases of RPA + ML

  1. invoice processing - use RPA to download client invoices then use machine learning model (External API or UiPath document understanding) to extract key data from these documents. Then the RPA robot will write the result to excel / Database etc…

  2. CV generation - the RPA robot will download interview transcript, then call an ML model to extract the candidates skills / experience and use the results to generate a candidate profile / CV