How can check the get text is equals to DataTable In between Char


First of All, I told the Web page process Its Like the DataTables and in the right side we can enter the Tabs and click Enter In the Data Table show the Filter Values

I Create a Test Case In this Verfiy the Get Text Values is equal to the DataTable Values

But in the Get Text Values we can enter like (CD*) the Filter Values are

By using the Data Scrape Activity I Get the DT
But, How can I Compare that?

Can you Anyone Clarify By doubt?

Hi @Rajiduraikannu_Santhosh_G

Loop through the datatable and give condition as
Row(“ColName”).tostring.Contains (CD)
or you can use regex
System.Text.RegularExpression.Regex.IsMatch(Row(“ColName”).tostring,“^CD”) - it will return Bool value


I Try this Method,

But I Got This Error

HI @Rajiduraikannu_Santhosh_G

Can you confirm this activity is inside loop?

If not use it inside the loop and use the variable in the activity “CurrentRow” will be default feel free to change the variable as you want.

And go to import and type System.Text.RegularExpression


Hi @Sudharsan_Ka ,

I Try This ,


{“GetSerial”>>GetText variable}

IF I run this its gave Failure Result

What will be Stored in getserial

By using the TypeInto Activity I Gave the Filters Values and then Get the DataTable Verify the Filters Working Correctly

Can u plz rply for this?

Have tried for all the rows in data table

because if the value you entered maybe not in the data table show that it is giving failure result maybe


Hi @Sudharsan_Ka

But in the Data Scrape I Only collect the Series column only not the whole DataTable

Can you elaborate you task once again pls?



I Checking the Filters are worked correctly So i created a test case

This is the workflow by using the input dailog box and Enter the Values in TypeInto Activity. And the Scrape the Column which I filter and compare them

In the TypeInto the Filter Also the Format


Can u anyone rply for this?

Hi @Sudharsan_Ka ,

Can u rply for this?


Hi @Rajiduraikannu_Santhosh_G ,

Since extract datatable contains multiple rows you should use of condition inside your for each row loop with your expression.

Inside for each row loop.

If condition → your expression

Then approach →

Keep one log message serial matching

And use break activity to break the loop.

Else approach →

Keep one log message serial not matching

Could you try the above steps and let us know whether it is going in positive or negative approach only.

Hi @kirankumar.mahanthi1 ,

In the web page filter

In the the Before “G” All combination are showed So I verifed that filters are correct

I Try this method

But its results false

The first I using the Regex so can u tell about the if condition is correct or not?

Hi @Rajiduraikannu_Santhosh_G ,

Not sure on the regex condition you are using to match the serial with some alphanumeric. but please add one break condition in the if then approach so that if any entry matching it will set true and come out of the loop. thanks.

Hi @kirankumar.mahanthi1 ,

I put the break activity in if condition,

I run the flow the Filters working correct but the result is False

Can u tell me about the if condition are correct or not?

i think you have to compare the CurrentRow(“Serial”).tostring with the GetSerial you entered. that is the Correct way of comparing i guess. thanks.

Hi @kirankumar.mahanthi1 ,

Thank you but i run the workflow its display the failure ?