How can check each list available in folder?

Hello Community,
I need assistant. I have excel list
and have folder in few files.
Now I want to check each excel “row list” check with all “file name” based on first name one by one. When matching each excel row list available in files then print files is available in folder otherwise not found. Please upload any sample for it.

First get all the file names in the particular folder/directory using directory.GetFiles(“filepath”), where filepath is path to the folder where all your txt files are. You can assign this to variable name say fileNames.
Next read the cell value using Read Cell activity, and assign it variable cellValue for ex. Next use if condition to check fileNames.Contains(cellValue). If present, u can use Message Box or writeline activity to print.

Sample WK: File_Name.xaml (8.6 KB)


Hi @sawaseem,
This is ok but my file format is .txt and excel list format is .xlsx. I need to check all excel row list with files list. Could you update please?

Hi @Jesmine

Based on substring you can do

Row(1). ToString.Substring(0,5)


Attached is updated Xaml file and names in excel file.

File_Name.xaml (11.4 KB)

Hope this helps.

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Hi @sawaseem Thanks a lot…
Could you tell me?
If I want that only all excel row list is available in excel file then print item name. Not check with file. Please…

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