How can add one by one add integer in web page

In the web page, By using the get text get the integer value
How can i set the row numbers because this already in dowhile loop. So, the row counts was changing. So can plz tell me What I set in row Count to add the all integer values in a row?
And store the sum of the integer in variable

Can u plz give me a clarification for this?

Can u plz anyone rply for me?


Could you please share the screenshot where you are trying to capture the integer value from website so that it would help the forum members to understand your requirement better. thanks.


You can make Get Text value as Int as (Cint(GetTextVariable)+1).ToString

This will place inside the Do while statement

But I didn’t get what row number you are talking about

Better to give a Input & Output file required


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It was the company websites so that i didn’t attach the screenshots

I explain the purpose of automate,

I want to adding the datatable values in a web page
ColumnName(Inventory) in this column add the all rows value and stored in the variable


Can you datascrape the data and store that data into Excel? Then you can use as below

dt1.AsEnumerable().Where(Function(row).Sum(Function(row) Cint(row(“Amount”).ToString))

Hope this may help you


Can u said another method sir, without store the data in Excel
Because this step was in between the dowhile its looping more then 20 times and the row counts also changing and the other reason I want the verify test cases by sum the values equal to Total values.

So, Can plz said the alternative method sir


Then as it is in dowhile loop then use Assign activity as below

TotalSum = Cint(GetTextVariable) + TotalSum

Here TotalSum is a Int32 type

So every time get text gets the value it will convert to Cint32 and add to TotalSum

and Totalsum will store the actual sum

It’s difficult without seeing the input, but based upon your inputs I have given this

This may help you


I want to add Sheet1 (Inventory column) all rows but i didn’t know the number rows in there.
And if I get the sum of (Inventory Column) value.

And the next step the DoWhile Loop go to the Sheet 2,And add the Sheet2(Inventory column)

In the dowhile condition
I did’t know the how may rows in the Inventory column


To know the how many rows in the Inventory Column

Use Read Range activity which will output a DatatableVariable

Then Assign activity

SheetIndex = DatatableVariable.Rows.Count.ToString

This will returns how many rows that sheetIndex you can place in DoWhile condition as example

CounterVariable <> Cint(SheetIndex)

Hope this may help you


Is this crt?


In Read Range activity no need of “*”, you can remove that

So did you get any issue?

Let me know that


The error was occurs in Data Scraping step


Okay, I can’t help in that step, because as you don’t want to disclose the website

So, you can debug and fix and let me know if you are facing any issue in the next logic


If I this (Read Range: Workbook Path needs to be set.) this exception was shown?

Hi @Srini84 ,
Can u plz rply me for this exception?


Okay, If you have datatable directly from other source then no need of Read Range

Read Range will give when we don’t have datatable and we have to read the excel file

So skip that and use the datatable which you are extracting


The exception was clear

But, the Output value was 0?