How can a user will be knowing whether bot is in process?

Is there any way to know that bot is running in background, because its sometimes so confusing to identify whether its running or not.
Do i have any activity to identify ?

As a user point of view :

If my bot is processing 100 excel files in background and if the other user is unaware of the process, how will i let him know that there is some process running on and he should not interrupt the operation.

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I’m making the assumption that this is an attended robot and you don’t want the user to do anything while the process is running. Please correct me if that is wrong.

As a disclaimer, we haven’t used attended robots yet. All of this is just theoretical and I haven’t done it myself.

In general, the best way to do this is to make sure that all activities you choose can run in the background. This means any click or type into activities should utilize simulate type/click or send windows messages rather than using the hardware. You should also choose to not bring windows to the forefront whenever possible. This way your program will run as a sort of daemon process and your users won’t screw things up accidentally, but can still work while the program runs in the background.

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