How can a process be executed on three different robots?


By deploying the process in the environment of the robots, which run it automatically or
By creating a job and selecting all three robots or
It is not possible to allocate a process to three different robots or
By scheduling the process and adjusting the settings in the Execution Target tab accordingly


First you need to create an environment and assign these 3 robots to that environment.

Yes it is possible to allocate a process to 3 different robots

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Is it possible to reprocess a transaction in a Queue after its failure due to an application exception?

No, transactions cannot be processed again if they fail.
Yes, if the Auto-Retry property of the Queue is enabled.
Only transactions that failed due to a business exception can be reprocessed.
Yes, it can be retried manually on the Transactions page.

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Its not recommended and correct to discuss academy questions in forum and get the answers you can try on your own, and you have multiple attempts also so please try on your own.

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Where can you trigger an unattended robot from?

The UiPath Robot icon in the system tray
UiPath Studio
Remotely, from Orchestrator