How bot is downloading Package Version

Hello Techies,
I have a general question. How the bot is downloading the package version?
Let me give an example.
I have automated a business process and added UiPath.Excel.Activities with 2.1.0 version while developing.
In my Orchestrator, I have only the highest version 1.6.0 for Excel activities.

Now if I run the process in the bot’s VDI machine, would it throw any error?

I want to understand the packaging concept here!!

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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Hey @manohar_e

If you have the UiPath Official Myget package source, it will automatically try to download for that particular version.

Else It will fail to download & throw error.

Basically, It will try to install the package from all the enabled sources wherever it can find the package.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for your quick response. How do I check whether the UiPath Official Myget package source is enabled or not?

And what is recommended exercise when automating business processes in the client environment?

Hey @manohar_e

You can just check with Manage Packages


You don’t need to put those packages into Orchestrator. They get downloaded on-the-fly by the Robot.exe process when the Job is executed.

Thank you for enlightening me. I have checked Manage Packages → Settings and found certain checkboxes to select or deselect the source.

I would appreciate it if you can share the sources for a better understanding of the concept. I would like to know the best practices to follow.

Yes but in certain cases where the business doesn’t want to download from Myget then we need to block the global downloader right.

I’m not sure why they’d be against downloading directly, it’s the most efficient way and isn’t a security risk.

But if they insist, then the only option is to manually deploy the package to all necessary machines, or put it into Orchestrator.

Hey @manohar_e

Kindly have a look - Managing Activities Packages


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