How Bot can understand and read file from a folder whenever we put any file

Hi Team,

New query, I am not sure if this is a valid question.

Is there any possibility like whenever we put any file (PDF or Excel) in a folder, BOT should automatically recognize and start processing?

I dont want to run bot instead I want the BOT should automatically start whenever we put any file in that respective folder.

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Check this component, this will help you

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Did this activity helped you on this

Cheers @Rahulsinha

@sarathi125 Do you have any example, I mean any XAML file, which I can refer?

@Palaniyappan Hey Buddy,

Do you have any XAML file created which I can refer and check mine

Check these two documents to implement the file watcher in your process, need to download the nuget package from this link

Navigate to your package folder.pdf (304.0 KB) User_Guide.pdf (101.0 KB)