How Automation Duplicate Value Picker Date in Chrome

Hi I am new to the uipath, I got activity to automate a picker date. The problem is I tried to do everything I can to automate robot to pick a date but it’s not working. This is the sequence :

  1. The robot took the date from excel file.
  2. Robot input the date based from the date on excel file.


I tried use the fuzzy selector before and replace the aaname tag and the inner text tag with the variable. It works but when there’s duplicate value on the picker date, it always giving “Similar matches found” error. For example the date from the excel is “1 November 2017” there’s 2 similar value as shown in the picture.

I used click and modify the selector as shown code below and it’s still not working

any idea how to automate in this case to avoid the duplicate? Any help will be appreciated, thank you !!

This is the source code for the selector :


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Do we have an option to enter the date instead of selecting from Date-picker ?

No, the only option to enter the date is by using select from date-picker. Type into is not allowed in the textbox.

@Rhys18 Use below links

First link

Second Link

I tried the first link, and I can’t find idx tag. Maybe it’s because different uipath version?

Tried the second link too. Look at the source code I posted, I change the variable at the same tag

Hello @Rhys18 ,

What’s the error that you are getting?? Are you facing the error in selecting only the day or even month and year??


the error i’m getting is “Similar matches found”. I am facing the error only in selecting day. The month and year are having no problem

Understood…Becausenin the calendar 1 is repeated twice. One value is for current month and second value for the coming month. But here the coming month dates are faded. Can check whether any flag values are there in selector to choose only the highlighted dates or current month date. Use uiexplorer and make a match of dates which highlighted as red in the screenshot.

Correct. I tried that and replace the variable as shown in second post (the source code). I tried to modify the inner text, the aaname tag and still not do able. Not only for the upcoming month, but the previous month too… I got no clue on how to solve this issue

Result of the output when I did this is random date selected. If I tried on UIExplorer, there’s cell number on each day. Example 7 November is (Something)Cell4


After adding the variables to the selector did you validated the selector?? Is it clicking on some number??? I think you can remove this row umber and column number from the selector and validate only with aaname if it is the attribute for the number.

Yes I did validate it and there’s no error and not clicking some number. I will try to remove the row number and column number from the selector. I’ll let u know further about the results. Thank you !

Hi, I tried to remove the row number and column number and using 3 attribute. aaname, inner text, and check text. All those 3 attribute are replaced with the variables on Fuzzy selector (I also tried selector only and it’s not working) and somehow it’s still not working. And when row and column are unchecked there’s idx (index) which the value are not equal as every single date on date picker. Any solution for this?

Are you getting any error now?If yes can you share the screenshot of the error and the selector which you have modified.

No I didn’t get any error. This is my selector :

Fuzzy Selector


I also the link posted by ushu and I notice the tutorial is manipulating the index (idx). In my automation the index number isn’t the same as the date (e.g 27 is on index 33)

It depends on the application the attribute can change. Sometimes you can find the value in aaname or in idx.

In your case its aaname. But i doubt the way the variable is added in the selector. Can you right click on the selector window and select the variable. I hope here you added the variable manually. Instead of that try to right click and select the variable .

Yes I did right click and add variable, but right now I’m confuse which selector should I use. Fuzzy selector or selector only?

You can try disabling the fuzzy selector and modify in the selector.

I tried to do this and I got error “Multiple Similar Matches Found”. Here’s my picker date